Powerful Embedded Automation Controller Lead the Way- UNO-2483G
Advantech´s new regular-size UNO-2483G is the latest UNO series to include the Intel latest 4th Generation Core i processors, new modular iDoor technology and fault tolerant Gigabit Ethernet. The UNO-2483 has a new high performance Intel 4th generation motherboard and comes with a choice of three processors (Core i7-4650U, Core i3-4010U and Celeron 2980U) to meet a range of application needs.
New UNO-2362G with Daisy Chain and iDoor Technology
The new UNO-2362G is the first UNO-2000 model to have daisy-chain network capabilities, Advantech’s new modular iDoor technology and a new AMD Dual core processor. The iDoor technology is a new modular way of adding functions to the UNO-2362G. Modules for iDoor systems include: Fieldbus protocol; memory expansion and storage; digital and analog I/O; WAN, MAN and LAN communications with Wi-FI, GPS, GPRS and LTE.
PCIE Cards have Evolved - Join the Revolution
PCI Express, the next-generation PC I/O bus, offers 250 MB/s bandwidth per direction per lane and is a very popular hardware interface used on many computer platforms. Its high speed and high performance throughput that help make it ideal for automation applications
Advantech UNO-3085G,UNO-3083G,UNO-3073G,UNO-3073GL
Wall-mount fanless automation computers can support diverse and powerful computing selection (Intel Celeron 847/807UE/Core i7-2655LE, 1.1 GHz/1.0 GHz/2.2 GHz) which is suitable for any machine automation application!
E-Book - Closing the Loop on Smart Devices with Industrial Ethernet

How is your plant approaching fieldbus technology? This 25-page e-book can help you benefit from these and related technologies, and tap the rich data flow available from smart devices and I/O in the field.

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